Rush seat repair

Rush seating repair is offered for all type of furniture ,antiques and modern.

Natural , fibre Rush and Cordon straw can be used

rush seating
rush chair

Rushing is one of the traditional methods of weaving a seat. Rush leaves are gathered from swamps and lakes, the leaves are then processed and the strands twisted to make the Rush cord.

These Rush seats have been made with natural Rush, The material is soaked prior to be weaved on the frame.

Nartural Rush

rush seating

This chair has  French straw weaved on the seat.


      Seagrass Rush armchair

Rush seating is a traditional form of seat weaving in which thin, dried river grass fibers are woven into a lattice pattern to create a chair seat. It has a long history, with evidence of rush seating in ancient Egyptian and Roman furniture.In Europe, rush seating became particularly popular in the 17th century for its affordability and practicality. During this time, upholstered chairs were seen as a luxury, but rush seats were a common alternative. Workers in rural areas would gather and dry rushes from wetlands, which could then be woven into chair seats.In America, rush seating was popular during the colonial period and into the 19th century. It was often used in Windsor-style chairs, which favored a simple and functional design. As rush seating became less common in the early 20th century, it was often replaced with other materials, such as cane or machine-woven fibers.Today, rush seating remains a traditional craft, though it is less common than it once was. It is still used in some furniture designs and is appreciated for its natural, handcrafted look and for its durability.