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Chair cane repair London rush seating Danish cord
chair caning rattan


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  • Chair caning basic and blind
  • Rush seating, natural and fibre
  • Danish cord
  • Sea grass
  • Rattan
  • French polishing
  • Repairs
  • Upholstery
chair caning

Chair caner since 1990

all work carried out by hand Antique and contemporary furniture

I am the third generation of Chair Caning artisans in my family, having learnt Chair Caning and Rush Seating skills from my father as he did from his..

All types of Chair Caning and Rush Seating work can be undertaken,including basic, blind and danish cord, medallion, natural and fibre rush, sea grass, pre-woven cane,polishing and upholstery. Antique and contemporary furniture, all works are made with high quality materials and carried out by hand.


Grieco Furniture                      


Experience and being passionate is what let me do a very fine work,always taking care of furniture. I specialise in Chair Caning and Rush Seating.

We can offer collection and delivery service, estimates are given for all Chair Caning and Rush Seating by request.

chair caning

chair caning

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